App Inventor



Trusity’s App Inventor is the starter program for programming designed for primary children. It is curated based on visual, block-based programming to enable students to program without the obstacle of syntax errors found in traditional text-based languages.

  • Introduce children to the world of coding and applications.
  • Understand the logics of basic coding.
  • Create their very own simple application.
  • Gain an understanding on loops and their functionality.
  • Create complex applications to be used by others.
  • Build a strong foundation in core concepts through interactive and immersive learning.
  • Gain knowledge of principles in computer architecture and algorithms.
  • Improve creativity and problem-solving abilities.
Live Sessions
1 March - 31 December 2022
AED 70
  • Ages 8+
Capacity: Unlimited capacity

List of materials

  • Laptop or tablet required

Hints & Tips