Creative Reader Competition – 10th Edition

Arts, Language & Culture


The 10th edition of the Creative Reader Competition will kick off in December 2022 and run through 20 March 2023. The competition aims to motivate readers from kindergarten, elementary and intermediate levels (cycle 1 and cycle 2) in public and private schools across the UAE to visit and support public libraries.

  • Motivate participants to read as much as they can in Arabic and English
  • Encourage participants to visit and support public libraries
  • Highlight the importance of reading for cultural development
  • Support the creativity of talented students in the field of reading
  • Inspire new works of literature within the genre of children’s literature
  • Supporting children and teenagers to read, to take part in building a knowledgeable society
26 December 2022 - 20 March 2023
Free of charge
  • Ages 6 - 13
  • Arabic
  • English
Unlimited capacity

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