Creative Writing Competition “SARD”

“Unleash your imagination and creativity”

Arts, Language & Culture


The creative writing competition for short story, part of the summer competitions and cultural programs

  • The next 'Sard' competition will be launched at the beginning of the next academic year 2021-2022
1 September 2021 - 30 June 2022
Free of charge
  • Ages 6 - 17
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Level 1 – 1st Place Dana Abdulraham Abdullah

Dana is one of our reading ambassadors. She has read more than fifty books. Her hobbies include drawing, reading and swimming.

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Level 1 – 2nd Place Shaikha Yousef Al Hamadi

Sheikha loves to draw, paint and read short stories. When choosing stories, she is drawn to the artwork on the cover.

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Level 1 – 3rd Place Zaina Khaled Khalel

Zaina is a clever and diligent student who loves to read stories, write and paint. She loves swimming. One of her wishes is to learn horse riding.

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Level 2– 1st Place Muna Abdelaziz Al Katheeri

Mona is an intelligent student who loves reading. She also loves writing stories and won several reading competitions, including creative reading.

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Level 2– 2nd Place Sara Barakat Lutfi

Sara reads stories with the librarian at her school and then summarizes them. She also loves flowers and taking care of them.

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Level 2– 3rd Place Hind Mohammed Al Obaidly

Hind is a creative student who loves drawing, reading and writing.

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Level 3 – 1st Place Hessa Hassan Ali Hammad

Hessa is a diligent student who loves to help her siblings. One of her favorite hobbies is teaching them during her spare time. Hessa wants to be a teacher in the future because she loves to develop other people’s skills.

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Level 3 – 2nd Place Fatima Ali Al Suwaidan

Fatima is a student from Al Shawamekh School. She loves writing, reading, drawing and playing piano.

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Level 3 – 3rd Place Ramadhan Mohammed Ramadhan

Ramadan’s ambition has no limit in science and learning. He is passionate about reading and writing and he has won many awards, the most important of which is the first place in the Distinguished Alef Student Category 2020.

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Level 4 – 1st Place Noor Emad Edliby

Nour loves the Arabic language. Her hobbies include writing in different genres and reading poems.

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Level 4 – 2nd Place Rand Mohammed AlMosalema

Since her childhood Rand considered her school as her second home. At school she received support and encouragement and developed a passion for reading novels and analyzing the characters.

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Level 4 – 3rd Place Laila Samer Khalil

Laila has many hobbies such as cooking, drawing, swimming, and of course writing.

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Hints & Tips

  • Stories submissions must be under the appropriate age category and number of words listed below:

    – Level 1 (grade 1-2): minimum of 30 words

    – Level 2 (grade 3-5): minimum of 60 words

    – Level 3 (grade 6-8): minimum of 150 words

    – Level 4 (grade 9-12): minimum of 300 words

  • Story submissions to include the following elements:

    – Coherent plot

    – Good plot twist

    – Exciting writing style

    – Strong characters development

    – Resolution (end of story)

  • Story submissions must be free of grammar and spelling errors.

  • Choose one of the topics on tolerance based on the identified levels in the registration form.

  • Story submission must be written by the participant and should not have been previously published or submitted to any other competition.

  • Story submissions must be in the following formats:

    – Written

    – Voice-recorded

  • Evaluation committee has the right to ask the participant to narrate his/her story remotely (via audio-visual communication tools).

  • By participating in this competition, you are accepting the terms and conditions. Evaluation committee decisions are final and is considered within moral and scientific responsibility.

  • Winning entries, names and pictures of the winners will be published on ADEK Activity Platform.