DEC Awards for Schools



Real-world learning projects for delivery in the classroom, ideal for students interested in architecture, engineering and construction.

  • DEC Awards are design challenges that encourage students to think like Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals.
  • Children and young people learn how to design, engineer and construct a range of exciting projects, from spy-themed hotels to village schools in Africa.
  • With a focus on digital, sustainability and community, DEC Awards are real-world learning projects that bring school subjects to life, including science, technology, engineering, art, math, geography and computer science.
  • Design craft could be in phyical scale models or/and using design softwares.
27 August 2020 - 31 December 2021
£150 - £200 + VAT
  • Ages 10 - 18
Unlimited capacity

List of materials

  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Material to build physical scale models
  • Design softwares to build 3D-models: Minecraft, FormIt or SketchUp

Hints & Tips

  • Students can apply for a DEC Connect Award or a DEC Extend Award upon completion.

  • Students will have access to a supporting material including design brief, a guidance document, and report and presentation templates to help guide their design.

  • In response to COVID-19 lockdowns, all our DEC Awards can be delivered remotely.

  • Students will produce a presentation and a report, developing the soft-skills that employers demand.