DEWA Artificial Intelligence Competition 2022-2023

organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and MOE.



Participate in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) competition for Cycle 3 students

  • Students will use ordinary objects and kits that will be collected by their teachers to build AI systems to accomplish tasks based on DEWA AI championship guidelines
  • Teachers as well as their students should have good knowledge of Python.
  • Each teacher (coach) is responsible for registering his/her students in the competition. Students are not entitled to register without teacher (coach).
  • The teacher (coach) must train his/her students participating in the competition.
  • 400 kits will be distributed to the first 400 teachers who register their students. Details of the competition will be handed over to the teachers who will be selected, and they will be trained on the kits.
28 January - 28 January 2023
Free of charge
  • Ages 14 - 18
  • English
  • Arabic
3 or 4 students from Cycle 3

Awards & Winners

The last date to register is September 29, 2022

The competition will be on Saturday, January 28, 2023.

Hints & Tips