Enhanced Math, Science and English



Develop your math, science or English writing skills!

  • Choose to either develop your English skills, improve your math or enhance your knowledge in science!
  • English: learn from our experts including: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, punctuation, tenses, plurals, synonyms-antonyms, degrees of comparison, subject-object.
  • Math: complete a set of mathematics challenges that are designed with your individual requirements in mind including UKMT, AMC, Gauss, Pascal competitions preparation and IB/ GCSE/ CBSE mathematics preparation.
  • Science: enhance your knowledge in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
Skill-up Programs
3 July - 26 August 2021
700 AED per subject – 8 hour course
  • Ages 5 - 18
Unlimited Capacity

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Computer, laptop or tablet.