Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Silicon Valley



This is a 6 day (20 hours) immersive summer program on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. You will be exposed to Design Thinking to solve a problem provided by a Silicon Valley Company. You will work in teams to solve this problem over one week and the final presentation will be made to an expert panel.

  • Live engagement with instructional coaches from Silicon Valley.
  • Real world business case from Psi Bands.
  • 20+ hours of acclaimed entrepreneurship curriculum.
  • ‘Shark Tank style’ business case presentation.
Skill-up Programs
4 July - 10 July 2021
2500 AED
  • Ages 12+
Capacity: 30

Awards & Winners


Student exhibiting high ZOG (Zest, Optimism & Grit) will be eligible for 50% discount on the Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley.

Hints & Tips

List of Materials

Computer, laptop, or tablet with a microphone and camera.