Game Development with Unity & VR



Lean how to create Virtual Reality (VR) games and experiences for mobile phones or headsets while working with the Unity game engine.

  • Create an Augmented Reality (AR) game, melding the real world and digital worlds on your mobile device.
  • Learn the best ways to use the Unity game development engine and tackle the unique design challenges that arise when building for Virtual and Augmented Reality and explore the basics of C# programming.
  • Career Pathways: Game Developer, UI/UX Designer, Programmer, Computer Scientist, Web Developer, 3D Design, 3D Animator.
Skill-up Programs
6 June - 25 September 2021
2500 AED
  • Ages 9 - 18
Capacity: 20-25

Awards & Winners

Certificate of Participation

List of materials

  • MacOS or Windows computer or laptop
  • High speed internet connection
  • Cardboard viewer + Smart Phone
  • Software: Unity & Visual Studio
  • Optional: Merge Cube, Oculus Go, Extra Android devices

Hints & Tips

  • Resources and course material will be provided upon completion of the registration process.

  • Contact us:

    04 268 0000