Get Ready! Kindergarten



An engaging school readiness program to build confidence and ensure your child’s first year of school is a positive one.

  • The transition from pre-school to more formal training is a significant one for children. It can affect their interest, motivation at school and their future school success.
  • Kip McGrath’s specialised Get Ready for School program is a gentle introduction to learning which aids the smooth transition from pre-school to ‘big’ school.
  • We have a fantastic interactive online platform where our qualified teachers are monitoring engagement and are prepared to intervene with one-on-one support when needed.
Skill-up Programs
5 July 2020 - 31 December 2021
80 minute lessons cost between 160 and 200 AED
  • Ages 4 - 5
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners


Certificates will be awarded on completion of the course.

Hints & Tips

  • You may choose any of these subscription packages:

    – 10 sessions: 2000 AED plus VAT (200 AED per session) 

    – 20 sessions: 3600 AED plus VAT (180 AED per session) 

    – 40 sessions: 6400 AED plus VAT (160 AED per session) 

  • Lessons last 80 minutes.

List of Materials

Computer, laptop or tablet. Google Chrome