Global Citizenship @ Singapore



A program that equips students with essential 21st century competencies and imbues a genuine sense of global responsibility as well as civic mindedness. The core mission is to nurture global citizens who will make positive contributions to the community around them and innovate in the world we live in.

  • Understanding sustainable development through the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Analyzing sustainability and related SDGs from the 5Ps perspective – People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership & Peace.
  • Real-world sustainability and community-centric projects from leading global organizations.
  • Soft Skills Enrichment: cultivate the required professionalism, confidence and enhance competencies in critical thinking and communication.
  • Global Consciousness: develop awareness and consciousness about global and local issues.
  • Global Citizenship: learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and acquire the mindset to contribute to global society as global citizens.
Skill-up Programs
4 July - 8 July 2021
1300 AED
  • Ages 14+
Capacity: 30

Awards & Winners

A customized letter of recommendation and digital certificate.

Hints & Tips

List of Materials

Computer, laptop, or tablet with a microphone and camera.