Go Primary: Maths for Grades 1 – 5

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An interactive, engaging approach to help learners bridge gaps, build confidence and increase motivation as they move forward in their primary school learning journey.

  • Depending on what needs to be taught, your child’s individualized learning program may consist of a combination of activities: math core, problems, times tables, fractions, decimals & percentages.
  • We create an individual learning program to target exactly what your child needs help with.
  • The program is carefully designed so that your child progresses at their own pace. Your child starts on the Kip McGrath program at the level suited to their current ability and knowledge.
  • All math programs contain extension modules for when students are ready for more challenging work, and more complex and advanced activities for students who want to improve their skills.
Skill-up Programs
5 July 2020 - 31 December 2021
80 minute lessons cost between 160 and 200 AED
  • Ages 6 - 10
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners


Certificates will be awarded on completion of the course

Hints & Tips

  • You may choose any of these subscription packages:

    – 10 sessions: 2000 AED plus VAT (200 AED per session) 

    – 20 sessions: 3600 AED plus VAT (180 AED per session) 

    – 40 sessions: 6400 AED plus VAT (160 AED per session) 

  • Lessons last 80 minutes.

  • We have a fantastic interactive online platform where our qualified teachers are monitoring engagement and are prepared to intervene with one-on-one support when needed.

List of Materials

Computer, laptop or tablet. Google Chrome.