Homemade Superfood Za’atar with Manal and Darah

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Join mom-daughter duo Manal and Darah in this homemade Za’atar making session. In the session, home chef Manal will introduce you to the history of Za’atar, a staple culinary spice mixture in Levantine households.

  • The session will focus specifically on the Palestinian method of preparing Za’atar, which includes dried thyme, oregano, sumac, and sesame seeds, but with a twist that includes ingredients from more experimental and contemporary culinary practices.
  • Leave the session with your own jar of homemade Za’atar and a new appreciation for recipes that are passed down through generations.
Skill-up Programs
5 March - 5 March 2023
AED 120
  • All ages
  • Arabic
  • English
Program Capacity: 15 participants

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