Jamming Session: Sudanese Flavors with Sarrah & Amat



Join home-chef Amat and her daughter Sarah for this Jamming Session! They will be introducing us to famous Sudanese dishes, Salatat Dakwa and Foul Medames accompanied by the well-known hibiscus drink Karkadeh but with a twist.

  • The ‘Dakwa’ in Salatat Dakwa refers to a peanut paste that is well-known in every Sudanese household. It is typically mixed with salads, stews, sauces, and even desserts.
  • ‘Foul Medames’ is a popular breakfast dish that is made primarily with fava beans. In this Jamming Session, Sarah and Amat will be showing participants how to make this Sudanese staple.
  • All of this will be accompanied by a hibiscus drink, ‘Karkadeh’. Originating in West Africa, hibiscus was more than just a plant—it was the heart of refreshing drinks like Ghana's Sobolo, Nigeria's Zobo, and Senegal's Bissap.
Live Sessions
14 October - 14 October 2023
AED 120
  • Ages 12+
Capacity: 15

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