Junior Adventures in AI



An introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Build your very own AI models using sound, numbers, text and images, using the latest super-smart technology!

  • AI is the hottest topic in tech right now and is already having a significant impact on our lives.
  • Want to know how a computer named ‘Deep Blue’ beat a chess grand-master over twenty years ago? Or how the AI behind AlphaGo beat the best human ‘GO’ player in the world?
  • Learn how to create complex AI models: create a celebrity response bot, make and then train a video game to play itself, and even create a friendly alien detector all on this new course!
  • Absolutely no previous programming knowledge is required. It is perfect for beginners who are curious to learn more about one of the hottest and dynamic tech topics around!
Skill-up Programs
6 April - 27 August 2021
1,463 AED to 1,829 AED including 10% discount with the code ADEK10
  • Ages 9 - 12
Capacity: 8

Awards & Winners

Digital Certificate

Personalized digital certificate with instructors’ comments.

List of materials

  • High speed internet connection
  • Computer, laptop or tablet

Hints & Tips

  • Runs every week from the 6 April, 2021.