Junior Captain Programme

The Junior Captain Programme is an Educational digital program and series of sessions for students and all future generations of seafarers.



Each programme session will inspire the participants' curiosity to explore their promising potential, develop basic skills and knowledge in the maritime sector, and provide a promising and prosperous future for seafarers worldwide.

  • Enter user information | Learn about the exciting world of seafarers
  • Watch the sessions | Start your journey towards becoming a future captain
  • Take the quiz | Test your maritime knowledge
  • Get your certificate | Collect your Junior Captain certificate
  • Share with friends & family | Don’t forget to share your success
Skill-up Programs
17 July - 31 December 2023
Free of charge
  • Ages 10 - 18
  • Arabic
  • English
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Junior Captain Certificate

List of materials

  • Session 1: AD Ports group
  • Session 2: World of Ships
  • Session 3: Flags and Knots
  • Session 4: Care of Our Planet
  • Session 5: Become a Captain

Hints & Tips