List it Out: An Experimental Writing Workshop

Investigating list-making as part poetry, part prose, and part autobiography, this workshop explores the works of artists, writers, and creatives who have harnessed the list as a form of self-expression.

Arts, Language & Culture


Join artist Fatema Al Fardan in a one-day writing workshop, List it Out: An Experimental Writing Workshop.

  • Taking inspiration from these alternative forms of writing, the workshop will culminate in an experimental, exquisite-corpse zine made up of the memories shared during the session by participants.
  • Wake up
  • Go about my usual Sunday
  • Get myself to 421
  • Hello, my name is [insert name]
  • Sit by a recycled moving body of water
  • Move my energy into a paper
  • Read out loud from a book the size of my hand
  • Remember to reflect or to reimagine
  • Learn something new (Enshallah)
  • I never made a list, so I make one
  • Pack life into a few verses
  • Share an exquisite corpse
Skill-up Programs
12 March - 12 March 2023
AED 120
  • Ages 10+
Program Capacity: - 15 participants

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