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Learn Arabic through reading and compete on a digital platform

  • Hundreds of classified books available for students, ages 6 - 16.
  • Topics include fiction and non-fiction.
Reading Hub
4 August 2020 - 30 June 2021
520 AED - monthly subscription. (Check Hints below for discounts)
  • Ages 4 - 16
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners


300 AED Amazon voucher


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Hints & Tips

  • Send your registration requests to until the registration link is ready.
    Telephone number: 04 4272452
  • The students will have unlimited access to the platform, plus special participation rewards, gain stars after answering questions and get access to games according to the number of stars collected.

  • 2 hours weekly consultation and guidance provided by a professional teacher.

  • Discounted rate for Rize students: 380 AED.

List of Materials

Computer, laptop or tablet. Internet connection.