Machine Learning For Artificial Intelligence



From decision trees to neural networks, this course will equip you with the tools to create and manipulate Machine Learning models using Python and Google Collab.

  • Join this course and learn all about Machine Learning and the amazing things it can do.
  • We’ll show you how to use Google Collab to make Machine Learning projects. You will also be shown TensorFlow, SciKit Learn, importing Python modules and tKinter to create graphical projects.
  • Topics covered will include: Computer Vision, Text Recognition, Classification, Decision Trees, K-nearest Neighbor, Naive-Bayers, Intro to Deep Learning, Neural Networks
  • This course will address principles of Artificial Intelligence but won’t go into detail of how to implement it into projects.
Skill-up Programs
6 April - 27 August 2021
1,463 AED to 1,829 AED including 10% discount with the code ADEK10
  • Ages 13 - 17
Capacity: 8

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Each student will leave with a personalized digital certificate with their instructors’ comments.

List of materials

  • Internet connection of 15mbps or better is recommended.
  • For most classes, a basic laptop from the last 5 years will be sufficient.

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