Minecraft Machine Engineer



Learn how to automate your Minecraft world! In this course, you will develop automated tools to mine and harvest resources as well as craft new items. You will truly become a Minecraft Machine Engineer!

  • Take control of your Minecraft world by learning how to add circuitry to make your builds more interactive. You’ll also learn how to automate crafting processes that will turn your resources into new items without your input and how to build autonomous turtle-based robots to mine and harvest the resources in your world.
  • As a Minecraft Machine Engineer with FireTech, you will be thrown into an intensive mix of creativity, gaming and engineering. Each student finishes with an impressive command of important computing concepts, practical making skills, and will have extended their understanding of how to expand and enjoy their Minecraft universe.
  • This is an engaging course for 9-12 year olds that will allow them to delve deeper into advanced techniques for automating their worlds, whilst learning the basics of computer programming.
  • Minecraft is an incredibly popular block-building game, the second most-downloaded game of all time. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of how simple circuits and logic gates work, how to automate processes in Minecraft and how to build automated machines to mine, plant, sow and build in the world.
Skill-up Programs
31 January - 31 December 2022
From 995 AED. Get 10% off using the code ADEK10
  • Ages 9 - 12
Capacity: 8

Awards & Winners

Digital Certificate

Each student will leave with a personalized digital certificate with their instructors’ comments.

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