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App and lesson plans. Moka Mera Emotions is a fun and new way to explore and discuss emotions. It is a playful, educational application for children where they can learn how to identify their emotions by using emotional filters and emotion cards.

  • Moka Mera Emotions is a playful, educational app for children where they can explore and learn how to identify their emotions using emotional filters and drawn emotion cards. This app can be used in early childhood education by children together with their teachers, or at home with their parents.
  • The emotional filters are a good tool for strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence. The filter “happy” transforms the child’s mouth into a smile. The filter “angry” generates smoke that comes out from the child’s nostrils, whereas the filter “sad” creates animated tears coming out from the child’s eyes. The purpose of the photographs is to teach the children how to identify, manage, express, and discuss emotions as well as understand and manage the emotions of others, which strengthens the children’s emotional skills.
  • By tapping the emoticons in the app, representing 19 different emotions, the image of the child’s face will change accordingly. The face becomes e.g. sad, surprised, angry, or happy. There are 7 core emotions in the app; Happy, Surprised, Sad, Angry, Disgusted, Afraid, Love. There are 12 additional emotions; Proud, Curious, Lonely, Ashamed, Disappointed, Jealous, Bored, Sleepy, Shy, Worried, Nervous, Relieved, and Me (no specific emotion). Additionally, there are 19 drawn emotion cards with Moka Mera, the little monster, representing the same 19 emotions. For some children, it can be easier to start with the drawn emotions cards with pictures not representing themselves.
Gaming Zone
10 January - 31 December 2022
Applications costs approximately 15 AED. Lesson plans cost 96 AED each.
  • Ages 3 - 8
  • Arabic
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
Unlimited capacity

List of materials

  • Smartphones or tablets (iOS, Android)

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