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In order to promote the culture of archiving, documentation and preservation of personal possessions among innovative and talented young in the UAE, we are pleased to launch “My Archive My Future for Innovators” Project. It aims to introduce innovative and talented people to the importance of documentation and archiving in accomplishing creative achievements that contribute to the UAE’s overall cultural accomplishments and accordingly will drive them towards excellence, distinction and innovation.

  • Organize awareness lectures and training sessions: the aim is to spread the culture of preserving archives from damage and loss, and setting up a mechanism for its retrieval and use in the future.
  • Build "My Archive My Future for Creators" recycled boxes dedicated to preserving archival materials
  • Scientific materials (USB) will be distributed, which contains all scientific and technical details related to the project and includes the methodology for preserving archives.
  • An open day will be organized to display the works of the students.
Skill-up Programs
31 October 2022 - 23 April 2023
Free of charge
  • Age 11 - 17
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Earn volunteer hours and participate in the “Creative Awareness Exhibition”

Provide training certificates

Media coverage and highlights of the creator’s work

Honoring the most innovative educational sector, through an electronic voting system, during the closing ceremony

Hints & Tips

  • For contact and coordination: –

    Mrs. Mariam Al Mansoori

    Tel: 0502122020



    Educational Program Section