Creative Writing Project

Arts, Language & Culture


Choose a National Geographic Learning photograph and produce a realistic written piece of fiction using the photograph as inspiration!

  • Choose a photo to write about. Think about the story behind the picture. Who is in the photo? What is happening? Where was the photo taken? Get creative!
  • To submit your entry, click on the photo you wish to write about and fill in the form.
  • Entry deadline is 8 August, 2021. All participants will receive a certificate. Winners will receive a National Geographic Learning reading bundle.
  • Winners will be chosen from the following categories:
  • Elementary (Grades 1 - 5/ Years 2 - 6)
  • Secondary (Grades 6 - 12/ Years 7 - 13)
8 July - 8 August 2021
Free of charge
  • Ages 6 - 18
Unlimited Capacity

Awards & Winners

National Geographic Learning reading bundle for winners

Certificate of participation for all participants

Hints & Tips