Pre-University and Career Academy @ Canada



This program is delivered by Tamwood. The program helps you prepare to apply to and succeed at any leading university.

  • Our university preparation curriculum helps you prepare for future academic life and the university experience.
  • Through the curriculum, you will learn the essential strategies and skills needed for university coursework.
  • Topics include: managing time, taking useful class notes, using textbooks effectively, and preparing for exams.
  • Afternoons consist of talks from the admission teams as well past and present alumni and guest speakers.
  • Speakers include alumni of global universities such as Oxford, Columbia and LSE, along with leading industry professionals from North America and Europe.
Skill-up Programs
4 July - 8 July 2021
1750 AED
  • Ages 14+
Capacity: 30

Awards & Winners

A customized letter of recommendation and digital certificate.

Hints & Tips

List of Materials

Computer, laptop, or tablet with a microphone and camera.