RGS Guildford Dubai Children’s Letter Writing Competition

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To enter the RGS Guildford Dubai Children’s Letter Writing Competition this year, we would like you to write a letter to an author suggesting an alternative ‘beginning’ to their already published story/book.

  • The theme for 2024 is ‘Beginnings’.
  • ‘Beginnings’ are very meaningful in life. We cannot start new life adventures unless we take that first step and begin!
  • ‘Beginnings’ are also very important for books and stories. They set the scene for what is to come and hooks the readers in. They invite the readers to stay and read till the end – making the ‘beginning’ count is crucial for an author.
  • For more competition details and the full list of T&Cs visit the competition page.
3 October - 11 December 2023
  • Ages 8 - 18
  • Arabic
  • English

Awards & Winners

All first-place winners will have an opportunity to meet an acclaimed international author participating in Emirates LitFest 2024.

All winners will receive an invite to a LitFest session and Book vouchers

Winners will be informed of their success via email and will be publicly announced and awarded at the annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, held each year in February.

Hints & Tips

  • How the Competition Works

    The letter must be on a single side of an A4 sheet of paper, using your best handwriting.

    Write a letter to an author, suggesting an alternative ‘beginning’ to their story/book. Tell them why you want to change the original ‘beginning’ and why the new one would work better, in your opinion.

    The recommended word limit is 200-400 words max.

    Entries should be handwritten using a fountain pen or any other type of ink pen, such as a rollerball or ball point pen. No other mediums (such as pencils or coloured pencils) should be used.

    Doodles, drawings, border designs and simple artwork are permitted provided they do not affect or cover up the content of the letter.

    Letters must be scanned clearly, the right way up using a printer/scanner or phone scanner – no photos.

    Complete all sections of the online entry form, attaching your scanned handwritten letter in PDF format.

    You should submit under the appropriate age category (Ages: 8-10, 11-13, 14-18), which relates to your age in accordance with the competition deadline.

    The deadline to submit your letter is 11 December 2023.