SkillUp Start

The program is designed to train applicants in critical skills including financial literacy, leadership, creativity and teamwork.



The Entrepreneurial Nation, an initiative by The UAE Ministry of Economy, is proud to announce the launch of SkillUp Start in partnership with BizWorld UAE. This education program helps students think like and become entrepreneurs.

  • A fun learning environment to discover how to start and operate your own business.
  • Learn valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, business and financial responsibility. Discover the importance of 21st century skills from collaboration, critical thinking, leadership and creativity.
  • The perfect opportunity to experience the development of entrepreneurial projects under the guidance of industry leaders and mentors.
13 February - 21 May 2022
Free of charge
  • Ages 12 - 16
  • English
  • Arabic
Team of students: 3 - 6

Awards & Winners

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of completion for those who complete the full 6 week training program

Young Entrepreneur Award

10 top teams will be selected to pitch in front of a live judging panel for the Award

1 team will be selected to win an experiential trip to Silicon Valley during the summer of 2022

One week trip to include campus visits at: Google, Draper University and other leading companies

Workshop to be conducted at Draper University with leaders in the field

Excursions in Silicon Valley, California, USA

Peoples Choice Award

The winning team will be selected for the People’s Choice Award during the showcase via online voting for the
best team based on their video pitch.

Hints & Tips

  • How it works

    Students enroll in an online learning program (subject to the latest Covid-19 updates / situation in UAE, there may be two in-person sessions)

    Students commit to 2-4 hours of self-study and online group learning

    Parental consent is required for student enrolment

    Team of students (3 – 6 students) can apply to the competition with a mentor or teacher

    Students have access to BizWorld content and supporting documents online

    Students have access to Weekly Q&A Sessions

    All teams submit a video pitch and a full application form

  • Judging criteria

    Clear articulation of problem statement and business idea solution

    Clear target audience and geographic target



    Creativity and originality

    Understanding of funding requirements

    Presentation skills

    Teamwork and effort

  • Project Timetable

    Mar 24th , 2022 Online Q&A session

    Apr 14th, 2022 Online Q&A session

    Apr 28h, 2022 Online Q&A session

    May 11th, 2022 Online Presentation Skills session

    May 19th, 2022 Online Q&A session

    May 21st, 2022 Submission deadline

    May 28th, 2022 Online Final Pitch Presentation Demo day

    June 4th,2022 Online Winners Announcement

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