SPACE science course allows learners to think beyond their earthly environment, inspires innovation and lays the foundation for groundbreaking scientific research.

  • Strengthen skills and knowledge in Space Science.
  • Build awareness of the universe and multiplicity of space applications.
  • Provide basic knowledge about space, physical processes and environments.
  • Provide basic knowledge about the sun’s activity and interactions with earth’s environment.
  • Highlight the significance of space environment processes, influence on technical devices in space, radio communication and satellite navigation.
  • Teach basic definitions and classes of materials used in spacecraft’s structures.
  • Provide overall knowledge on the requirements and properties that materials must fulfill in space exploration.
  • Provide basic knowledge on spacecraft mechanics.
Live Sessions
1 March - 31 December 2022
AED 65
  • Ages 6 - 12
Capacity: Unlimited

List of materials

  • Laptop or tablet required

Hints & Tips