Sustainable Fashion Challenge

Arts, Language & Culture


Create a fashion accessory entirely out of recycled materials.

  • Design and create a show-stopping fashion accessory using 100% recycled materials.
  • Create a headpiece, piece of jewelry or even a face mask. Anything goes as long as you use your imagination to create that WOW look!
  • Take a photograph of your finished design and post it onto the Junk Kouture app.
16 May - 27 June 2021
Free of charge
  • Ages 13 - 18
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Two winners will receive a pair of Apple Airpods each.

The winners will be chosen by an internal panel, and a design expert.

List of materials

  • General litter or items no longer fit for their intended purpose
  • Items found at recycling or thrift stores
  • Glue, needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Camera

Hints & Tips

  • Research your favorite designers and styles for inspiration.

  • Look around your house for waste materials you can use in your design. There’s only one rule when it comes to Junk Kouture – your design must be made from 100% recycled materials, so be creative!

  • Take a photograph which really shows off your creation!

  • When you post your photograph on our app, make sure you include a description of what it is made from.