Teen Coding with Python – Build Amazing Projects



Broaden and deepen your understanding of Python by working on real-world projects. Build fantastic desktop apps, websites and videogames, and hack any project from your own imagination.

  • So you’ve spent some time learning to program in Python and now want to take a much deeper dive into how to use Python to solve specific programming challenges? That’s where our new Teen Coding with Python – Build Amazing Projects course comes in. The course is structured so that you’ll get to spend a full day on each of the topics getting to grips with some of the common use cases for the Python programming language.
  • Over the course of a week, you’ll spend a day learning how to build websites using the Flask web framework that is used by Netflix, Uber and Lyft to power parts of their infrastructure. A day learning how to build desktop apps using a professional-grade GUI library. Then you’ll move on to look at how Python is used in Data Science and Machine Learning, before spending a further day building video games using the Pyglet library. Finally, you’ll get a chance to hack on a project of your own devising based on one of the topics you’ve covered earlier in the week.
  • Whether you dream of building the next million-pound start-up, working at Facebook or Google, or becoming a Data Scientist, this course will give you a valuable skill to build a rewarding career in whatever field you choose.
Skill-up Programs
6 April - 27 August 2021
1,463 AED - 1,829 AED including 10% discount with the code ADEK10
  • Ages 13 - 17
Capacity: 8

Awards & Winners

Certificate of appreciation

Each student will leave with a personalized digital certificate with their instructors’ comments.

List of materials

  • Internet connection of 15mbps or better is recommended.
  • A computer or laptop from the last 5 years.

Hints & Tips