The 2nd ADU Bridge Building Competition



The College of Engineering at Abu Dhabi University organizes a competition to engage Al Ain high school students who have basic engineering knowledge and skills.

  • Each school shall assign one group of four students selected from any of the 11th, and 12th grades.
  • A bridge model will be explained to the groups to be built within two hours.
  • Each group should solve the problem without any external assistance. Otherwise, a disqualification to the violated group may be given.
  • The evaluation committee will examine the solutions and decide on the winners. The decision of the evaluation committee is final.
24 May - 26 May 2023
Free of charge
  • Ages 16 - 18
30 Schools

Awards & Winners

On the 24th of May

30 schools will compete for the top 10 places (5 from every 15 schools)

On the 25th of May

The top 10 places with the highest scores will compete for the top 3 winner places

Cash prizes for 3 winners (first three groups)

Hints & Tips