The Little Writer in the Big Book Competition

Arts, Language & Culture


Every year, MAKTABA organizes the ‘Little Writer in the Big Book’ competition to empower talented youth in the realm of writing.

  • The competition’s topic aligns with announcing that 2023 in the UAE is the ‘Year of Sustainability’ and the nation's hosting of COP28.
  • Students from all educational cycles and from all UAE-based public and private schools are encouraged to participate in the competition and document their sustainable practices and experiences.
  • The competition focuses on formal Arabic language, and stories should highlight the positive values, good morals, and social traditions.
  • Navigate to the website page to enroll in the competition and access its terms and conditions.
20 October - 30 November 2023
  • Ages 6 - 18

Awards & Winners

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi will print a book titled ‘The Little Writer in the Big Book Competition’, where all the winning stories will be published.

Copies of the publication will be distributed to all Abu Dhabi school libraries and MAKTABA’s branches.

Hints & Tips