The Poetic Heart 2023

Arts, Language & Culture


“The Poetic Heart-Connecting Humanity” is an expression to reach out and connect with the local community through Poetry to share our core values of peace, culture and universal harmony.

  • It is a platform where many established poets, musicians and school students unite together and share their expressions through poetry.
  • Through the Poetic Heart, the poets read their own minds and create their own space to record their creative responses to world’s great achievements.
  • Students of Grade 7 and above can now email us their poetry to
  • The Themes for submitting the Poetry are 1. REKINDLING VALUES 2. COEXISTENCE
  • The Poetic Heart 2023 event will be held on 9th Feb 2023
  • Time | 9am to 1 pm
  • Venue | EIBFS Campus, Dubai
5 October 2022 - 9 February 2023
Free of charge
  • Ages 13+
  • English
  • Arabic
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Certificate of participation

Students submitting poetry will get a certificate

Winning Student

Selected students (reciting students) will get a trophy and a certificate

Winning School

Participating schools will get a certificate

Hints & Tips