TOEFL IBT Test Preparation



TOEFL IBT Test Prep course

  • Our online TOEFL IBT Test prep course is tailored to meet the needs of diverse student groups. Led by an experienced TOEFL IBT expert, we deliver engaging sessions with live instruction and mock testing to understand TOEFL test content and succeed in it.
  • We will give students needed resources to prepare for the exam when registering for the course.
Skill-up Programs
10 January - 30 June 2022
Course fees vary depending on the number of students enrolled
  • Ages 16+
Unlimited capacity

List of materials

  • Computer, laptop or tablet
  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams applications

Hints & Tips

  • Course duration is between 20 – 30 hours.

  • An IBT practice book and mock testing are included in the course.

  • 02 445 67 20