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Get a head start for the coming school year by attending the Score Plus Program!

  • Improve your scores by connecting to tutors in online classrooms. We offer on-demand and scheduled tutoring to students, from grade 6 through to college.
  • Summer isn’t just a time to relax and have fun. It’s also the ideal season to get a jump-start on the academic challenges all students will face as you move to the next grade level.
  • We help in all academic subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Business Studies, etc.
Skill-up Programs
5 June - 31 August 2021
Please contact us directly for the price
  • Ages 11 - 18
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

Certificate of Completion

A minimum attendance of 80% is required to be eligible to take up the inlingua examination at the end of the language course. If a student has less than 80% attendance and above 50% attendance, he/she will be provided participation certificates only

List of materials

  • High Speed Internet Connectivity
  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Web camera
  • Speakers and microphone

Hints & Tips

  • Students will join the classes 15 minutes prior to class start time using the email link that is provided to them.

  • The fee can be paid online or in the center. Students are required to collect books from the center.

  • Abu Dhabi

    Phone: 026713331/ 0521036703 / 0521036704

    Email: serviceadek_auh@scorepluseducation.com

  • Al Ain

    Phone: 037555456 / 0588945252

    Email: serviceadek_alain@scorepluseducation.com