Virtual Robocup Competition UAE



In this challenge based competition, students will create their own robot and program it to solve a maze with maximum score in minimum time.

  • Students attend 3 sessions to train in designing and building their own virtual LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot or use a pre-built robot and program it to solve a line follower maze in a physics enabled simulation software- Virtual Robotics Toolkit.
  • Top Scores will be awarded prizes.
14 August - 31 December 2020
100 AED
  • Ages 11 - 20
Unlimited capacity

Awards & Winners

First Prize
AED 1000 + 1 year VRT
Second Prize
AED 500 + 1 year VRT
Third Prize
AED 250 + 1 year VRT
VRT: Virtual Robotics Toolkit

Hints & Tips

  • VRT Software can’t be used in tablets, iPad or mobiles. 

  • Windows computer or laptop is recommended, as Apple products have software restrictions on iOS versions 14 and above. 

List of Materials

Computer or laptop (Windows)