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Synkers is a mobile app which connects you to highly qualified private tutors, anytime and anywhere.

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Learn, improve, and practice Math or Physics through a highly discounted 3-hour tutoring package and save up to 200 AED.

  • Benefit from highly discounted 3-hour Math/Physics private tutoring packages with a highly qualified tutor.
  • All our tutors are here to support you throughout your academic journey and are committed to help you improve and succeed.
  • Study from the comfort of your home through personalized online 1:1 sessions.
  • Curricula covered: American curriculum, British curriculum, IB curriculum, and French curriculum.
Live Sessions
14 December 2020 - 6 January 2022
175 AED
  • All ages
  • Arabic
  • English
Unimited Capacity

List of materials

  • Synkers App

Hints & Tips

  • Set up a comfortable study space and avoid distractions.

  • Actively participate and don’t be afraid to ask questions.